Seed to Seal

Seed to Seal and what does it mean? I’ve been getting a fair few inquiries about what is “Seed to Seal”? This is actually the very reason why I chose Young Living 5 months ago! I had been looking at other essential oil companies (even the other well known brand) for about a year before i chose Young Living. All the others didn’t sit well with me in my heart, and I knew their must be a reason for that!

Once i started to look into Young Living more i saw they had a slogan called “Seed to Seal” and wondered what it meant…

Over the next five blog posts I’m going to show you each step in the Seed to Seal process, and why it beats no other company out there!


Step 1: Seed

Seed Potential

Powerful essential oils come from seeds and plants that are verified for their potential to produce high-quality essential oils.

Expert Evaluation

Our own experts partner with university researchers to evaluate the essential oil potential of our seeds.

Proven Potency

The seeds we use are selected for their ability to become plants with the highest possible levels of bioactive compounds.


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