Thick and Creamy Yoghurt Using Your Easiyo

I bought an Easiyo yoghurt maker a number of years ago, before I ever got my thermomix. It was great at the time! I would buy the pre made powdered packs from the supermarket and then make them up at home. They weren’t a lot cheaper then other yoghurts, but they did taste nicer then the tub yoghurts.

Once I bought my Thermomix I found out how easy it was to make yoghurt using it. But then I didn’t want my Easiyo maker to go to waste.  So this is how this recipe came about!

This yoghurt only costs approximately just over $1.50 for 1 litre of yoghurt, so it is very cheap. It’s also so creamy and thick that even without straining it, it’s similar to greek yoghurt in consistency.



  1. Place in the Thermomix bowl the milk, milk powder, vanilla extract and sugar.
  2. Set timer to 25 mins, 90c, speed 3.
  3. Once done lift out the thermomix bowl and place it on the bench with no lid, so that it can cool down.
  4. You want it to be cool enough so that no lights come on the temperature buttons.
  5. Once cool enough add the yoghurt starter.
  6. Set timer to 20 mins, 37c speed 1.5
  7. Meanwhile boil your kettle for boiling water
  8. Pour in the boiling water only till it comes to the top of the hole
  9. IMG_7302
  10. Put the lid on while your yoghurt is still cooking
  11. Once yoghurt has finished cooking, put it in a 1 litre Easiyo container and then put it inside the incubator for 8 hours (give or take an hour)

IMG_2114Yummy Thick Creamy Yoghurt!

Note: Keep reducing the milk powder by 10g each new batch until you use none



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