Time For Change!

So we just got our electricity bill yesterday and let’s just say I about dropped to the floor when I saw the figure! It’s been a very hot few months here in North Brisbane Australia, and I have been getting lazy by using air-conditioning every day and also putting the clothes in the dryer instead of hanging outside.

So it’s time for a change in our household!

Here’s a list of things i will be doing to try and cut this electricity bill down…

  • Only use the dryer if it has been raining for two or more days
  • Wash on cold wash cycle
  • Only use the air conditioner if it’s unbearable
  • Try and teach the kids (and maybe a husband) to turn off lights if the room is not in use

It will still be hard to get the bill down to an absolute minimum as my husband works from home, so his air-conditioning needs to be on all day while he’s in his office.

Let me know what you all do to cut down your power bills!



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